Meet the Winners of the 2015 Florida Companies to Watch

Meet the Winners

Congratulations to the Class of 2015 Florida Companies to Watch

2015 Florida Companies to Watch
Economic Impact of 50 Second-Stage Companies

$457 million in total annual revenue
30 percent increase in total annual revenue compared to 2013
2,019 full-time equivalent employees
374 net new jobs projected for 2015

Increasing Impact

From 2011 through 2014, these companies generated more than $1.2 billion in revenue and added 996 employees, reflecting a 140 percent increase in revenue and 97 percent increase in jobs for the four-year period. That translates into a 24 percent annual revenue growth and 19 percent annual growth in employees.

These companies project continued growth in 2015, with a 23 percent revenue increase and 19 percent growth in employees compared to 2014. If their projections hold, these companies will have generated $1.8 billion in revenue and added 1,371 employees over the last five years — a 196 percent increase in revenue and 134 percent increase in jobs since 2011.

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Location: Lake Mary, FL
Year Founded: 2011
Primary Business: Manufacturing
Growth Last Year: 201%


CEO: Chris Morton

NanoPhotonica is leading the way in developing the next generation of electronic displays. The company provides innovative nano‐materials and processing techniques that enable electronic displays to have higher resolution, purer colors, and higher efficiency at significantly reduced processing cost.

With its offices in Lake Mary, NanoPhotonica has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years, posting an impressive 201-percent spike in revenue during 2014. The year before, the level of growth was even higher – 271 percent.

The company was able to increase its staff as a result of recent joint development agreements and government grants from the National Science Foundation. The agreements have led to partnerships with some major display manufacturers around the world, setting the stage for continued growth.

NanoPhotonica’s display technology involves nano-materials and advanced techniques for generating light by using Quantum Dot‐Light Emitting Diodes (QD‐LED) structures. Quantum Dots have recently become one of the hottest new trends in the tech industry for a variety of applications. The company holds a number of patents on this intellectual property. Its progress with QD‐LED has gained the company worldwide recognition as the technical leader in distinguished papers and has resulted in various technical achievement awards.

The practical result of this technology is longer battery usage for smartphones and tablets, as well as greater efficiency in powering high-definition televisions and computer monitors.


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