NanoPhotonica Invited to Present at Key Industry Forums

NanoPhotonica has been invited to provide current progress on their industry-leading OLED technology at those two industry gatherings that define the state-of-the-art in displays, and the materials that enable them. Company representatives will first present at the Quantum Dots Forum 2018 (March 13-14, Paradise Point Hotel and Spa, Dan Diego, CA), and will update those results at an invited talk at Display Week (May 22-24, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA), presented by the Society for Information Display (SID).

Copies of the work presented will be available through the conferences as well as from the Company. These invitations reflect the growing industry awareness and attention being paid to QLED, recent announcements by major display companies worldwide regarding the use of QLED as the basis for next-gen displays, and the fact that NanoPhotonica is the acknowledged performance and commercialization leader in this rapidly evolving area.