NanoPhotonica Announces Appointment to its Advisory Board

NanoPhotonica has created an Advisory Board to provide market and technical guidance from thought leaders and market influences throughout the materials and display industries. CEO Chris Morton said, “Our Advisory Board will help insure our continued growth and success by providing access to a select group of outstanding individuals who are not only well known and respected, but who are strong supporters of NanoPhotonica’s accomplishments to date, and of our prospects for the future.”

“The initial member of our Advisory Board will be Dr. Seth Coe Sullivan. As Co-Founder of QD Vision, a pioneering company in the march to bring quantum dot-related technologies into the product mainstream, Seth’s technical expertise and vision, breadth of industry contacts, and knowledge of display company needs and directions is unmatched. We couldn’t be more pleased that Seth has decided to join forces with us.”

Additional Advisory Board members will be announced shortly.